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DNA Patent Database Coding Form

Important Notes:
  • Each of the classification items has a unique 6, 7, or 8 letter alphanumeric code that is generated and added to the coding sheets along with the text description of the items.
  • These can be used to search for various combinations of classification information without finding the patents themselves.
  • These unique codes are show in parenthesis next to each line item. For items with counts, country information or dates, the code will appear directly before the information with a hyphen separating them on the completed coding sheet. This allows for searching with prefixes or exact matches. See the search examples below.
  • For check boxes, the unique code will appear in the form if the box is checked.
  • To find all coding sheets with inventors from the USA, enter INVCNTRY-USA on the search line. The hyphen is required.
  • To find all patent coding sheets where the assignee is a public university, enter ASSPUBUN on the search line.
  • To find all patents with one claim, search for CLMSTOT-1.
  • Search for XREJECT to identify patents originally picked up by the Martinell algorithm but later rejected as not being DNA-based patents.


Contact inventor/assignee re federal funding (CONTINV) other
Discuss whether to reject (DISREJCT)   Reject? (XREJECT) 
Why rejected (or in question)? 
Why picked up by search strategy? 

 Patent Number
 Summary of invention


Surname of first listed inventor (INVSURN-) 
Country of origin - inventor 1 (INVCNTRY) 
Country of origin - inventor 2 (INVCNTRY) 
Country of origin - inventor 3 (INVCNTRY) 
Country of origin - inventor 4 (INVCNTRY) 
Country of origin - inventor 5 (INVCNTRY) 
Number of inventors (NUMINVS-)

 Patent Filing Information
Date of issue or publication (ISSUEDT-) (Enter as yyyymmdd)
Date initiated  - appl. date or earliest continuation (INITDAT-) (yyyymmdd)
Foreign patent  application published? (FORAPPX) 
Foreign patent issued?(FORPATX)

Assignee Information
Country of origin - Assignee 1 (ASSCNTRY-) 
Country of origin - Assignee 2 (ASSCNTRY-) 
Country of origin - Assignee 3 (ASSCNTRY-) 
Country of origin - Assignee 4 (ASSCNTRY-)
Country of origin - Assignee 5 (ASSCNTRY-) 
Government  (ASSGOVN)
Pharmaceutical Company (ASSPHARM)
Biotechnology Company (ASSBIOTE)
Public University (ASSPUBUN)
Private University  (ASSPRVUN)
Nonprofit research institute, hospital, or other private nonprofit  (ASSNONP)
None specified (No keyword added to sheet)

US Government Involvement
      Other Gov. Lab:
GOGO laboratory: (USGOGO)  Agency/Dept
Extramural  (EXTRAM) - Agency/Dept


Total number of claims  (CLMSTOT-xx)
[Re-examined (CLREEXAM)  ]
human origin (CLMHUMN)
non human mammalian (CLMNONH)
other vertebrate (CLMOVET)
invertebrate other than yeast, fungi, protist (CLMINVO)
yeast, fungi, protist (CLMYST)
viral or bacterial (CLMVIR)
Archaea (CLMARC)
synthetic DNA or RNA; polynucleotides (CLMSYNT)
fused (chimeric) gene, codon substitutions, mutated gene, etc. (CLMFUSD)

fragment or partial sequence, or prokaryotic gene fragment (CLMFRAG)
full length or prokaryotic gene (CLMFULL)
entire sequence disclosed in patent application? (CLMDISC)

promoter, enhancer, operon or other regulatory sequence(s) (CLMPROM)
antisense (CLMANT)
ribozyme, mRNA, rRNA, or other RNA-based reagent or gene product (CLMRIBO)

genomic DNA (for eukaryotes only) (CLMEUKA)
half or more of an organism's genome (CLMHALF)

DNA or RNA detection method (CLDETMET)
diagnostic process (DETDIAG)
probe or marker (DETPROB)
sequence disclosed (entire probe or PCR primers) (DETDISC)
kit or multi-component system (DETKIT)
DNA forensics (DETFORN)

cloning, expression, or sequencing vector (CLCLEXP)
cell line or microbial strain (CLCELL)

vector for gene transfer into mammalian genomes (CLVECTG)
vector for human gene therapy (CLVECH)
gene transfer process (CLGENTR)
human gene therapy process (CLHUMTP)
transgenic animal (CLTRANS)

production method (CLPRODM)
protein/peptide (CLPTPEP)
vaccine (CLVACC)
human (CLHUMAN)
veterinary or other (CLVETOT)
  vaccination process or immune augmentation (CLVACIM)

therapeutic process (CLTHERP)
research method involving DNA or RNA (CLRESME)
pharmaceutical composition not specified above (CLPHCOMP)

other claims: (CLOTHER) 

Other items noted in description, examples, or abstract

Human pedigree information used to discover or demonstrate invention (OTHUMPED)
Clinical data, including any therapeutic or diagnostic trials, included in patent application (OTCLIN)
animal data (OTANIM)
human data (OTHUMDAT)

    Coding done by
BCD SMcC Other 

Last updated on April 2, 2007

Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University

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Bob Cook-Deegan or Mark Hakkarinen

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